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One of Australia’s best known brands of water heater. Rheem make both continuous flow energy efficient  gas hot water systems and gas storage water heaters such as the Rheem Stellar range. Contact us for advice on which may be best for you


From the hugely popular Rinnai Infinity with wired & wireless temerature controllers to the energy efficient Hotflo gas storage systems, Rinnai remain a firm favourite with Adelaide households. Call us today for a great deal on Rinnai.


Specialising in ultra reliable and energy efficient continuous flow gas hot water systems, Bosch offer a wide range of models, so there is guaranteed to be one ideal for you. Get in touch for fast friendly service today.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Adelaide’s specialists in Gas Hot Water Systems. We sell, install and repair all the most popular models from the big brands such as Bosch, Rheem and Rinnai.

If you’re searching for a new hot water system, we offer friendly, expert advice. You’ll be talking to a master plumber who can help you find the gas hot water system most suitable for your situation. That may be a continuous flow model such as the Bosch 26 highflow or one of the Rinnai Infinity models. Or it may be that the Rheem Stellar gas storage tank system is best for your home.

Save money with energy efficient Gas Hot Water

Heating water can account for up to 25% of a home’s energy bill, so it makes sense to install an energy efficient model when considering a new gas water heater. Models such as the new Bosch Eco 26 have a 6.9 star energy rating saving you money over the long term. Continuous flow gas heaters ignite and heat the water only when the tap is opened, heating water as required, as opposed to heating a whole tank of water. This is the most economical type of hot water system for your bank balance!

If you’d like more information, including installation or finance, contact one of our Gas Hot Water Experts on 8444 7304. They’ll be delighted to help you.